June 19, 2011

Airads Flies the Flag at Margate's Big Event - The Airfix Airshow 2011

What a fabulous display by the Red Arrows this afternoon that entertained thousands of people between the Margate Harbour Arm and the beach at Westgate, with the 'Arrows' skimming along the clifftop at low level between the two as they carried out a lengthy and highly skilled display.

We finally managed to get the Airfix Airshow banner airborne during a gap in the weather and before the Memorial Flight came in. It got back just in time as the heavens opened and so I call that as a good and rather lucky result. I did notice that some of The Tigers freefall parachute team ended up having a dip in Margate harbour but they gave the crowds some wonderful entertainment in the process.

June 6, 2011

An Essex Birthday

An afternoon  birthday banner just between Stapleford and North Weald airfields yesterday and as the weather collapsed around us, we were very lucky indeed, to complete the flight as the rain, the first seen in months, started to pour down.

Thanks to Richard Foord for his photo.

June 4, 2011

Pendulum Over Cambridge at The Junction

Busy this afternoon for two hours flying a Pendulum banner for 'The Junction' over Cambridge's Midsummer common for 'The Junction', see their Facebook page

Very difficult and windy conditions meant it took three attempts to get the banner, pictured below, airborne over the city's dreaming spires!

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