June 30, 2013

Jesus Saves Over Brighton

An unusual banner to fly over Brighton this weekend, with a message to the thousands of beach visitors that Jesus Loves and Saves.

Some activity noted on Twitter, as onlookers tried to work-out what it was all about.

June 25, 2013

Will You Marry Me Cheri?

A very special surprise for Cheri over Colchester this afternoon on what may have been the first day of a very delayed summer.

Lovely weather and what looks like a celebration in the garden below!

June 9, 2013

Peter Loves Beagles

Given the nasty weather this weekend, quite how we were lucky enough to pick-up the banner on a wind-swept Rochester runway and get it over a cottage in Meopham, remains a mystery?

Even better, the Sun came out at the vital moment too and for a minute, you might even think from the lovely photograph that summer had arrived. It hadn't.

Maybe next week?

June 2, 2013

A Summer Wedding at Preston Court

Congratulations Amie and Danny, photographed this afternoon, at Preston Court, outside Canterbury from the Airads banner aircraft.

The first truly warm day of summer so far in this part of Kent.

We liked the traditional "Merry-go-round.'