January 27, 2005

M25 Fire Closes Tunnel

The scene of a major fire which blocked the M25 for 3 days at the Dartford Crossing. The smoke and flames washed across the nearby motorway assisted by the strong south west wind. See more images www.airadsimages.com Posted by Hello

January 16, 2005

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys from the air. The picture from Airads images shows the new sports hall nearing completion. Lots more great images on the main site www.airadsimages.com Posted by Hello

January 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Charlotte Moores

Charlotte Moores has a special message from her friends towed by Airads, above her 10th birthday party at the AMF bowling centre in Margate

Posted by Hello Charlotte who attends Charfield School in Westgate, is seen below with a close friend who prefers milk to orange squash. Posted by Hello

January 14, 2005

Cable Laying in the Thames Estuary

The small cable installation support vessel, a very flat fronted ship pushes its way through some heavy seas to rejoin the main cable laying ship. Kentish Flats off Herne Bay. Posted by Hello

Kentish Flats Project

The Kentish Flats. Pictured by www.airadsimages.com The Cable intallation is now well underway, due for completion some time in June one month before completion of the entire project. more info from www.kentishflats.co.uk Posted by Hello

January 13, 2005

Banner towing for students. Airads was used on the Wednesday and Thursday this week to help D.M.S. in Canterbury fill the remaining student houses. Posted by Hello

January 12, 2005

The Leicester Mercury

Today, Airads has been towing an advertisement for the Leicester Mercury, advertising a jobs fair in the area. A bitterly cold day with strong winds in the North of England, didn't prevent us being on time and on station as required at Leicester airport to pick up the banner

The Wind was so strong that the banner almost flew away on its own!

A nice view of G-OMAC disappearing towards Leicester.

January 5, 2005

Kentish Flats Wind Farm

The Kentish Flats wind farm. Posted by Hello