April 20, 2014

Always Looking Up at Us

Always Looking Up at Us
A controversial flight over Portsmouth's Fratton Park football ground on Saturday, when rival Southampton fans, flew a banner with the message: "ALWAYS LOOKING UP AT US #SFC" over Pompey's game with Bristol Rovers. Portsmouth won 3-2.

Lots of comment on Twitter and the local Daily Echo newspaper carried the story.

Thanks to the glider fraternity at Lee on Solent airfield for helping make it a seamless operation inside their own busy afternoon of flying.

Fratton Park

April 18, 2014

A Tough Act to Follow?

Another Airads Plane Banner?
Old Trafford is certainly a tough act to follow but Easter weekend comes with another challenge and an unexpected surprise over someones' football ground. Not quite as big as Manchester United or Anfield but certain to attract a little attention of its own.