November 15, 2008

A View of Thanet Earth

Having revalidated my night rating at Manston airport yesterday evening, I decided to try out the new Pentax camera on the growing 'Thanet Earth' construction site on the way back to to the base airfield this morning.

Not the best of days to take photos with a 1,500 cloud base but I thought that curious readers might like to see the current progress of the world's largest greenhouse in Kent and the only place you are likely to have a bird's eye view of it all is here I suspect.

Should you require a detailed and hi-resolution aerial survey then please ask.

November 8, 2008

Captain Snap and the Pool

'Captain Snap' was in the air for the Daily Mail yesterday, the target of interest being Heather Mills' swimming pool in Sussex.

I had been to the house once before about two years ago, when the local authority asked for some photos of an outbuilding extension but this time, there is reportedly some kind of planning dispute involving the lovely Heather's new swimming pool - I assume she received the house as part of the divorce settlement with Sir Paul - and at least two newspapers asked for photos with the Daily Mail seeking an exclusive.

Friday was the first decent break in the weather for a week and offered just enough time and sunshine to take the required photos. No sign of Heather though. If she's any sense she'll be far away in the sunshine. Captain Snap would be too but needs a larger aircraft to get to the West Indies without a stop!

Photo copyright Airads 2008