April 30, 2006

Me To You over White Hart Lane

One man's view of White Hart Lane stadium at 4:15 this afternoon. Whether, “Steve” who was proposed to by his partner, “Manda”, said “Yes”, I don’t know but it must have come as a bit of a surprise to be sitting among thousands of fellow Spurs fans and have a banner float by; a message from your partner asking you to marry her. Definitely a first in my experience!

To Perranporth for the Co-op

To Perranporth in Cornwall to announce the opening of a new Co-op supermarket in the town. Atlantic Surf and stunning views along the Cornish coast makes this a popular seaside holiday destination.

April 17, 2006

Saints Flyby

St Mary' Stadium 3-170406
Originally uploaded by DrMoores.

A successful flyby over St Mary's Stadium this afternoon. With the banner carrying the fans' message, "Time to Go, Rupert Lowe". Any lower and we would have been in the stadium. Much of the western and southern side of Southampton was covered but the north-east was barred because of incoming airport traffic.

Click on the stadium photo to see the others, which can be downloaded in high resolution if you wish to have copies.

A bit tricky for us to fly, as the stadium is right on the final approach to the airport and so our thanks to air traffic control for making it possible and slotting-in the display between landing flights.

Saints Update

For all interested Saints fans this morning, Southampton Air Traffic Control has kindly given permission for the aircraft carrying the banner to position over the St Mary’s Stadium this afternoon. The weather looks promising with the forecast for a NW wind at around 10mph and broken cloud at 2,000 feet.

We will be leaving for Bembridge Isle of Wight at noon.

April 16, 2006

From Southend Pier

Another successful proposal of marriage on the end of Southend pier this morning. Our congratulations to Upesh and the happy Jyoti, who said “Yes.”

This was our second attempt at playing Cupid as last Monday was “Snowed-off.”

April 14, 2006

Pilots Notes for Saints Fans

I can see some activity from the various Saints fan sites rippling across this web page and so here’s some information for you all to counter any of the misinformation I’ve been reading.

  • The aircraft will be operating from Bembridge, Isle of Wight as it’s much easier to pick-up from there and it’s out of the way of other operational traffic.
  • I will be speaking to the SATCO, the senior ATC controller at Southampton airport in advance to ask permission to enter the control zone and log our aircraft details. We did this last time and ATC were fine about it, Saints fans I assume.
  • Flying time from Bembridge to St Mary’s stadium is approximately ten minutes. We will aim to pick up the banner by 14:45 latest and will loiter over Portsmouth before heading for the stadium for 15:05, as long as the weather and the ATC are kind. If there is a large passenger aircraft coming into the airport at that time we may be held.

  • From the stadium and with the permission of ATC we will fly the banner across the city before returning to Bembridge for the drop.

If you have any questions please ask and I’ll attempt to answer before Monday!

Sad Farewell

A poignantly sad banner flown over a funeral at Cardiff this week. A double tragedy from the message but an impressive send off, with a fleet of white Rolls Royces and hundreds of people at the cemetery service.

April 13, 2006

Saints Banner - Second Attempt on Easter Monday

I can see that the Weblog is being visited regularly by Southampton Football Club fans from across the world, possibly to see if the banner flight is on for this coming Bank Holiday Monday; the match against Millwall.

The long term forecast for Monday looks promising and we are set for the display to appear over St Mary’s stadium at 3:05pm. Any changes to plan and I’ll let you know.

Give us a big cheer if we get there. I’ll be filming it from the air and will put the video of everyone waving – I hope – on this Weblog to look at.

Wish us and the weather good luck!

April 8, 2006

Thanet Life Takes to the Sky

Flying the banner for "ThanetLife" a new online community publication for the Isle of Thanet in Kent.

April 6, 2006

Spinnaker Tower Celebrations

Spinnaker Centre Portsmouth - 5- 060406
Originally uploaded by DrMoores.

We've been over at Portsmouth today, towing a banner for the 250,000 visitor celebrations for the Spinnaker Tower.

Lots of photos here of the famous tower, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and more, so follow the link to see more.

April 2, 2006

Marry Me Laura?

Another day and another spring romantic “pops” the question.

I didn’t think that today would be possible with a proposal to fly just outside Aldermaston. The weather conditions were very challenging with heavy cloudbursts and 40mph winds. However, the young man in question was desperate for us to try, having set-up a surprise party and bought the engagement ring and so with the wind howling along the runway at Basing Farm, Cupid or fortune were on his side, with the banner up at the first attempt; more luck than judgement.

Having done the quick flight and wrestled the aircraft back on to the ground in the rain, a coffee and two Vallium was followed by an excited call from the client. “She said ‘Yes’, he said, “As it was the only way she was going to get back inside out of the rain!”

If I had realised the boat race was on on the way home, I would have stopped off for a look. To give you an idea of the wind-speed out there, Farnborough to Herne Bay in forty minutes on the way home!

April 1, 2006

Sorry Saints

Our apologies to tens of thousands of Southampton fans this afternoon. We had three attempts to pick-up your banner, "Time to go, Rupert Lowe" this afternoon at Bembridge but the rising gale-force wind and turbulence from the surrounding hills, simply made the exercise impossible and increasingly dangerous.

With luck, we'll be trying again in two weeks the Millwall Game on April 17th but we understand your disappointment and that of the media, BBC, Sky and others.

Some good news, for someone at least. A young lady, Corinna of Bexhill, was proposed to with a banner this morning and she said "Yes". A good result on a day with a very disappointing ending.