January 17, 2013

Only the Best - Tom Mongan

Roads were bought to a standstill when a large traveller funeral caused delays on the roads of Warrington and Preston on Tuesday afternoon.

Credit Blogpreston.co.uk

The funeral of a young traveller who was found dead at his home last month took place in St Helens. The cortege passed through St Helens, towards Warrington and later to Preston for burial. Tom Mongan, 26, was carried in a white hearse drawn by six white horses after being transported by motor hearse from St Helens.

Following was another carriage drawn by six white horses carrying several floral tributes and further cortege of 10 stretch limousines. Police noted that there were up to 60 vehicles, including cars and vans. Jazzbeat, who took these photos in Preston, mentioned that ‘While the carriages were being assembled a small aircraft flew overhead with a tribute to the deceased streaming from a banner attached to its tail’. The children of the family later released 28 white doves.

An inquest into Mr Mongan’s death will take place at a later date.

January 5, 2013

First Proposals of 2013

Congratulations to Etan and Marianna and Ezeugo and Nnnenna, the first two flying marriage proposals of the year and both at Leeds castle in Kent today.

Despite awful weather, low cloud and drizzle to begin with, both couples had their special day end in success and Airads 100% flying marriage proposal success record too.