August 26, 2008

On the Beach

Beyond the up and coming Bournemouth Air Show this weekend and several Premier League football matches on Saturday, there's another interesting challenge ahead on Tuesday involving fliming with the central Office of Information (COI).

The COI are making some kind of beach/water safety TV advertisement and Airads has been asked to fly over to Sandown on the Isle of Wight, with a banner saying: "Do You Know Where The Kids Are?"

There's a slim chance that the forecast good weather for the coming weekend might just last into next week's and it would be a nice change to fly with the Sun out.

Today, we only managed to get one of the two aircraft booked for a display over Blackpool for the West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. a wall of cloud prevented the Harrogate-based Piper Cub from crossing the Pennines but one aircraft was still better than none in the end!

August 24, 2008

2012 Is Not So Far Away

A packed Reading Festival this afternoon and with this and the Leeds Festival on Friday and a poposal over Southend Pier yesterday, you might think it was summer after all!

Next week it's the Bournemouth Airshow and a whole run of east coast premier league football games as we start to reach the busy peak of the aircraft banner season. Watching the closing cermony of the Beijing Olympics, it occurred to me that anyone interested in the possibility of an aircraft banner near the London Olympics in 2012really needs to start asking about it sooner rather than later. With only five or so capable aircraft in the country, the big advertising companies may be in for a surprise!

When I find a moment I will try and upload a couple of video clips from the Reading Festival today and place a YouTube link here.

August 19, 2008

BT Vision Chooses Airads for Premier League Football

In what is the broadest aerial advertising campaign in the UK to date, British Telecom (BT) will in the coming weeks, will be promoting Setanta Sports, and the BT Vision Broadband service over premier league football matches in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Airads Operations Director, Simon Moores, commented: "I'm delighted that Airads has been selected as the aviation partner for this campaign. It's a significant operational challenge, with multiple aircraft over games on the same day and I very much hope that the summers changeable weather will relax long enough for us to be able to deliver all the flights sucessfully".

August 16, 2008

It Never Rains

Another disappointing August weekend, weather-wise at least.

We hadn't expected to be able to run any of the weekend's programme with yet another pulse of low pressure appearing from the Atlantic but miracles happen and in this case all the banners flew exactly to time before the weather closed in.

So that was 'Helen' #3 proposed to and accepted - must be a romantic month to be a Helen - and the V-Festival at Chelmsford too. Coming-up of course is the Reading Festival and some filming for the Central Office of Information and it would be nice if before Autumn finally arrives, if we could just have two weeks of real summer weather.

August 8, 2008

The Magic Number '8'

Too busy to post lately but finding time to draw breath, today was unusual with two ladies named 'Helen' being proposed to at different points across the country in the same hour by different aircraft!

If that isn't unusual enough then there's a third Helen coming-up in the next week, so another proposal surprise in store, which I hope will keep our 100% record.

Of course, 08/08/08 was a big day for weddings, as well as the Olympic Games and despite some rather nasty weather, we managed to achieve all of our flights on time. Tomorrow, Sunday, isn't looking so good, with a flight booked over the Climate Camp in Kent and a second banner over Ashford, with 40mph winds and rain forecast.

It's been a very difficult summer so far, with weather that has been more autumnal than August. with both Reading and Leeds festivals in a week, let's hope for a ray of sunshine before the summer disappears altogether.