August 26, 2008

On the Beach

Beyond the up and coming Bournemouth Air Show this weekend and several Premier League football matches on Saturday, there's another interesting challenge ahead on Tuesday involving fliming with the central Office of Information (COI).

The COI are making some kind of beach/water safety TV advertisement and Airads has been asked to fly over to Sandown on the Isle of Wight, with a banner saying: "Do You Know Where The Kids Are?"

There's a slim chance that the forecast good weather for the coming weekend might just last into next week's and it would be a nice change to fly with the Sun out.

Today, we only managed to get one of the two aircraft booked for a display over Blackpool for the West Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. a wall of cloud prevented the Harrogate-based Piper Cub from crossing the Pennines but one aircraft was still better than none in the end!

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