September 3, 2008

Weather Worries

A mixed bag last weekend, thanks to the weather. All the BT Vision banners flew over the North-east football venues, as instructed but in the South, I found it impossible to reach the slot we had before the start of the Bournemouth airshow, thanks to low cloud sitting on the hills around Compton Abbas.

Tuesday was the day of the COI public safety film at Bembridge on the Isle of Wight but while the brand new Coastguard helicopter had no problems operating, the strong winds made picking up the supporting banner impossible. Fortunately and racing back to Sandown on Wednesday, I managed to lift the banner over the pier before the wind became excessive again. To give you an idea of how strong the westerly wind was, I managed to return from Sandown to Manston in 50 minutes.

So up and coming this weekend if the weather allows - and it doesn't look hopeful - there's a Trades Union banner to do over Norfolk and next week, there's Liverpool Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City games to fly with the BT Vision football shirts! to

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