November 30, 2006

New Look for Airads

First look at the "New look" design for the Airads Cessna 172. New branding and much brighter than before as we're sure you'll agree!

November 8, 2006

Romance in the Air with Airads

With the aircraft being repainted this month, there are no more flights going out until 24th November when it appears in its new colours. To keep busy then, we enjoyed a quick slot on BBC Radio Gloucester, the breakfast show, this morning, to tell the audience all about our flying proposals and how well they work!

November 4, 2006

Big Bang

City View

Two days of stunning November weather, with high pressure sitting over the country. This is the view of London's 'Docklands' early on Saturday morning, on the way out to Turweston.

Expect lots of fog around on Sunday as a consequence of the Guy Fawkes fireworks celebrations. The carbon particles in the air will hold the moisture and unless the wind increases from the predicted overnight calm, we'll have perfect conditions for post-fireworks fog.

November 6th is commonly one of the foggiest mornings of the year.

FastFit Sale

fast fit tyre sale

Glorious Winter sunshine over Milton Keynes, operating from Turweston arfield to promote the FastFit tyre sale.

Did anyone living in Milton Keynes 'Not' see us?