June 21, 2010

Margate's Big Event 2010

After several years of sunshine at this annual event, the weather was marginal for Margate's 'Big Event' at Palm Bay, with a howling north-easterly blowing for much of the weekend and bursts of rain.
Fortunately the display aircraft managed to struggle in for their performances, with thrills from the Red Arrows and the Battle of Britain memorial flight arranging a mock dogfight with an ME109, pictured.

After being grounded by the strong winds at the beginning of both Saturday and Sunday, the weather cleared just in time for a Red Arrows finale on the second day and Airads followed in with a sheet banner behind them. Better last than never!

June 14, 2010

New Town Killers Goes High

A reasonably varied weekend for Airads with one wedding banner at Lewes in Sussex, a test  flight sheet banner for www.tradeshop.org.uk which will fly by before the Margate 'Big Event' air show next weekend and a banner for the New Town Killers band, at an event outside Milton Keynes.

Coming-up, we're scheduled for 'Superbikes' at Silverstone and a handful of marriage proposals with yet one more booked along Brighton beach. 'Captain Cupid' strikes again, I fear!

June 5, 2010

At the Races - Epsom 2010

Airads headed over to the races at Epsom today with a banner for Mercedez Benz. The racecourse doesn't like advertising around its airspace and the inclusion of an air traffic zone for helicopters working the races forced us to keep our distance from the spectacle and work the approach road instead.

When this was all finished, we headed over to Leeds castle and Brighton beach for marriage proposals, so congratulations to both Priti and Karen who both said 'Yes' on this special day for both of them.