April 29, 2010

Liverpool v Atl├ętico Madrid - Airads & Channel 5 TV

Liverpool, Anfield this evening for Channel 5 Television with their bespoke banner, showing their logo and earlier today, I was over Reading in Berkshire towing a banner for Acorn HIPS.

The weather has been steadily breaking down all day and I had to cut short the Reading flight after I found myself flying through a 'car wash.'

Airads has a busy Bank Holiday weekend ahead, starting with a two hour detail for UKIP around the western side of Birmingham and finishing with a marriage proposal from the Isle of Wight on Monday afternoon.

Strangely enough, we have two more Anfield flights booked for Sunday, one for a fan who wants to propose to his partner and the other for the official Liverpool fans at Midday. I'm hoping that the weather in Cheshire will be rather better than the awful forecast now confronting me for south-east England from Saturday night to Monday morning!

April 24, 2010

Cameron 2010 - Flying the Flag

A surprise for David Cameron, with a banner message: 'CAMERON 2010@No10' this morning at Grays in Essex!

There was a large reception committee in evidence in the playing field behind the school or college below, with TV outside broadcast vans with satellite dishes on their roofs, parked-up outside. On teh way back to the airfield I passed a very smart looking Agusta helicopter, en route to Grays,, I asusme to pick him up for his next appointment.

I've some photos in my camera and will try and put one up later, as I'm typing this between jobs at the airfield.

Next-up is the pop concert the afternoon at Camber Sands, with a rather different message and one that to be honest ,as a simple pilot I'm too old to understand: "WHEN HARD CREW RULED THE WORLD."

Now, if only someone would tell us what Gordon Brown's schedule is, we could have a special election message flown for him too!

April 23, 2010

St Georges Day at Bradford

Airads was flying a giant St George's Day flag over Bradford today, following the annual procession with the huge banner that the city purchased for such special occasions, last year.

Jimbo Loves Jo Jo Over Leeds Castle

Another romantic flight over Leeds Castle again this week, with a special message for "Jo Jo" from "Jimbo" that he loves her with "ALL HIS HEART."

One of the finest days of the year too!

April 17, 2010

Airads Flies the Brighton Marathon

Airads was flying a banner over the first Brighton marathon this morning. On the way there, I found I was the only pilot in the entire south of England on frequency with London information, the threat of volcanic dust, having convinced many pilots to stay on the ground.

However, dust is only a real threat to jet aircraft at high altitude and not piston engine aircraft at low level with dust filters fitted to their engines as standard.

Brighton was basking in warm sunshine and haze, a glorious day for its inaugural marathon race and below, thousands of runners could be seen on a winding circuit through the town

Our client on this occasion was based in the United States and had a personal message for one of the runners:


Hopefully 'Big Bird' was insprired by the message flying overhead!