April 26, 2011

Supporting NO to AV Above Mr Cameron

Airads was sitting over an Academy in Maidstone today, watching the Prime Minister, David Cameron arrive with his entourage.

I'm sure he noticed his 'No to AV' banner!

Racing at Goodwood

Airads was operating from Goodwood airfield over the Bank Holiday weekend, promoting the horse racing weekend at the famous racecourse at the end of this month.

The beaches between Portsmouth and Brighton marina were packed with with sun-worshippers enjoying what felt very much like July weather. Over in the naval dockyard at Portsmouth, I saw the nuclear submarine had gone but two modern warships were moored-up for the weekend.

April 19, 2011

Aerial Views of the Olympic Site

I promised to give you some aerial photos of central London on this unusually warm April day and I have added in some passing shots of the Olympic stadium , so readers should feel a little privileged to be able to see what's going on there before anyone else! Follow the links to the online library for the rest.

April 16, 2011

Manston Airport Welcomes The Turner Contemporary Gallery with an Airads Banner

Manston Airport welcomed the opening of the Turner Contemporary Gallery with a banner fly past this morning as local artist, Tracey Emin and Jools Holland started the ceremony. For anyone wishing to enjoy a 'Bird's eye' view of what was happening at exactly 09:45 this morning as the gallery opened, a historic moment for the town of Margate after many years of waiting, here are some photos to enjoy. The link to the gallery will give you higher resolution, although not quite good enough to identify individual faces!

April 10, 2011

Airads Flies The Brighton Marathon 2011

Back home from an hour sitting over the start of this year's Brighton Marathon. It's a little warmer and sunnier on the southern side of the country and I wonder what any visiting alien might make of all the thousands of people running up and down the Brighton seafront? In this weather I don't envy them, having experienced the real pain of running the distance in warm sunshine and little wind when I was a little younger. There's an episode of National Geographic, 'Running the Distance', which shows me rather worse for wear in the Sahara desert.

This week we have two days of away training with the GliderFX display team in preparation for the season ahead. Lot's more flights to come so do look out for us!