December 4, 2004

Birthday Banner at Old Buckenham

Views of Norfolk

Back from Norfolk, where Airads dropped into a warm welcome at Tibbenham to pick up a “Happy Birthday Nick” banner to tow around Old Buckenham airfield, fifteen minutes away.

Both Tibbenham and Old Buckenham have distinguished histories as bomber bases in the Second World War. The latter is very much in use today with parachuting a flying club and of course home to its famous vintage warbird airshow in June. Tibbenham however, is now home to the Norfolk Gliding Club, small gliders looking lost amid large runways, when once it was home to the 445th Bomb Group, commanded by the Hollywood star, James Stewart, who was also exec officer at Old Buckenham.

One of Stewart’s contemporaries wrote: “Everybody loved Stewart. As commander, he could select the missions he’d go on. Whether it was Nuremberg or Berlin, one of the heavily-protected targets, he’d always take that mission,” he says. “He never ducked out, never took what they called a milk run. He always took the toughest mission, and all the pilots loved him. He was just an honest-to-goodness hero.” Posted by Hello

Watch out for Airads advertising the Old Buckenham airshow on June 26th 2005.

December 1, 2004

Captain Cupid on Meridian Television News

Bob Shilling (described as "Captain Cupid") was featured on Meridian Evening News on 30th November.

The feature followed a marriage proposal, towed behind the Airads aircraft and described how Bob has now successfully proposed to over fifty women on behalf of their fiances. Posted by Hello

Bob being filmed for the Meridian News story

November 25, 2004

Banners for Local Government

You might normally associate Simon Moores’ name with the leading edge of eGovernment but there’s another aspect of his public sector work that you might not be familiar with.

Regularly flying with Airads, Simon is also a working pilot and can frequently be seen over the UK towing banners with local government messages, two in the last month having been “Crimestoppers” over East Anglia and “One County – One Council – Vote A” for Durham County Council. Posted by Hello

As a means of communicating public service messages to the general population, he believes aerial banners can be remarkably wide-reaching and cost-effective, particularly over large urban shopping centres at weekends and lunchtimes. Airads many local government customers include Warwickshire, Breckland, Canterbury, Kent and Durham. “For local government, keen to promote online services or new initiatives, simply towing a banner with the web address behind the aircraft can capture more interest in sixty minutes than the most expensive local radio campaign.

It’s not quite the eGovernment I’m used to”, says Simon Moores, “but in many ways, it captures the attention of the general public with more impact and interest than most public service messages ever can.”

November 24, 2004

Don't Forget to Book Your Romantic Banner for Valentine's Day 2005

It's the ultimate romantic gesture and Airads will say it for you. Make your message or proposal one that she'll never forget. Call Airads now to book your Valentine's Day Banner, a very special expression of your feelings at six hundred feet at a Southern England location of your choice. Posted by Hello

Please note central London restrictions. Book early to avoid disappointment!

November 20, 2004

UK Banner Towing. Airads Works with Tap & Tin Records

Banner towing by Airads for Tap & Tin records at the Reading festival 2004 Posted by Hello

Airads photographs captures the Stampe returning to maypole.  Posted by Hello

Crimestoppers Calls on Airads over Norfolk

Airads banner towing for the Crimestoppers awareness raising campaign with Breckland community safety partnership Posted by Hello

November 18, 2004

Canterbury Cathedral

Banner towing around the historic city of Canterbury. All photographs available from airads. Posted by Hello

Banner Towing for the Opium Lounge

Banner towing for the Opium Lounge, Airads brings in the crowds.  Posted by Hello

The Millennium Dome

Commissioned high resolution digital images from airads. Nationwide photographic coverage at sensible prices. Posted by Hello

Glastonbury Festival 2004

Airads banner towing at Glastonbury summer 2004 Posted by Hello

A Piece of History in the Thames Estuary

Situated in the Thames Estuary to the North of Herne Bay and Whitstable, the wartime anti-aircraft towers, photographed by Airads, are now showing serious decay. Posted by Hello

November 17, 2004

Banner Towing Over a Crowded Beach

Somewhere on the English south coast...Any guesses? Posted by Hello

Trislander over Lydd Posted by Hello
Aerial Photography on Request Posted by Hello

November 16, 2004

Airads carries a very special message over Tenterden in Kent. Posted by Hello

The London Erotica Show Chooses Airads to Advertise

Celebrating the 2004 Erotica Show at London's Olympia, Airads was busily engaged towing a show banner around London and the South of England, advertising the show. Posted by Hello

November 14, 2004

Sunset over Whistable

A trawler making it's way back into Whitstable at sunset this afternoon. Having towed a banner for the London Erotica show for four hours around all the South-east's major shopping centres and towns, all the way up the Thames to Canary Wharf, we worked our way home via Ashford, Dover, Ramsgate, Margate and then Herne Bay and Whistable, landing just as the Sun went down. Posted by Hello

Westgate on Sea Posted by Hello
Air to Air Photography Posted by Hello
Ramsgate Harbour Posted by Hello
Margate Sands Posted by Hello
Ramsgate from the Air Posted by Hello
Westgate on Sea Posted by Hello
The M6 Toll Road is Open Posted by Hello