November 25, 2004

Banners for Local Government

You might normally associate Simon Moores’ name with the leading edge of eGovernment but there’s another aspect of his public sector work that you might not be familiar with.

Regularly flying with Airads, Simon is also a working pilot and can frequently be seen over the UK towing banners with local government messages, two in the last month having been “Crimestoppers” over East Anglia and “One County – One Council – Vote A” for Durham County Council. Posted by Hello

As a means of communicating public service messages to the general population, he believes aerial banners can be remarkably wide-reaching and cost-effective, particularly over large urban shopping centres at weekends and lunchtimes. Airads many local government customers include Warwickshire, Breckland, Canterbury, Kent and Durham. “For local government, keen to promote online services or new initiatives, simply towing a banner with the web address behind the aircraft can capture more interest in sixty minutes than the most expensive local radio campaign.

It’s not quite the eGovernment I’m used to”, says Simon Moores, “but in many ways, it captures the attention of the general public with more impact and interest than most public service messages ever can.”

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