June 28, 2008

A Little Luck

Two proposals in ninety minutes today over Whitstable and Southend. I hope to have the video available here soon!

With the strong westerly winds today I had thought the chances of flying any banners today were poor but we had a little luck and Leysdown airfield on the Isle of Sheppey was sheltered enough for us to pull it off.

A Trades Union march at Sevenoaks tomorrow makes for a complete contrast to the sound of wedding bells in the air!

June 20, 2008

Short and Simple

It looks as if the July Tolpuddle Martyr's Rally this year is going to be a busy event with two banners to fly for Trades Unions this time.

The RMT Union have opted for one of our largest and a recommendation for clients is that letters be at least 5' tall to be easily read from the ground. There's sometimes a temptation to cram in as big a message as possible into an aircraft banner without realising that small type is very difficult to see fromt he ground.

Keep it short and simple and that, in our experience normally works the best!

June 15, 2008

"Show Us Your Hooters" Ladies - Isle of Wight Festival 2008

A bizarre message on the first banner of the Sunday at the 2008 'Isle of Wight Festival'.
"Clare & Anna Show Us Your Hooters!"

But what can it mean I wonder?

Anyway, 'Hooters' aside, we flew the 'Welovefestivals.com' banner too and I've loaded seventy aerial photographs of the festival from both days for you to see here on Flickr.com and a complete video will be up on YouTube in the next couple of days. Come back here to find the link or look for 'AiradsUK' on YouTube.

If you have any photos of your own of the aircraft in flight over the festival, please send them along to info@airads.eu

You can also find the story and photos on The Isle of Wight Beacon website here.

Pictured, me doing some planning at Bembridge and today's co-pilot Charles. I quite forgot to take a photo of Co-pilot Jason yesterday, so next time mate!

June 14, 2008

Lucky in Love at The Isle of Wight Festival

Three banners over the Isle of Wight Festival this afternoon and I hope to have a video, taken from above, up on YouTube in the next couple of days, so watch this space.

Today we had John propose to Grete and then surprise, surprise, Grete propose to John, followed by a final message to Jacqui to round off the day. You can see this clip here on Meridian News Tonight.

It was one of those remarkable coincidences that two people chose an aircraft banner to propose to each other on he same afternoon and I'm sure, it went down well with the 30,000 or more people milling around below.

John emailed us afterwards with this message: "Just a short note to say thanks for a fantastic day for Grete and I, One that we will never forget thanks to you guys. So glad you got me up first followed by Grete, awesome. Many thanks"!

Back to the island on Sunday then, to tow a banner for two hours over the event with the message "Welovefestivals.com".

Give us a wave!