June 15, 2008

"Show Us Your Hooters" Ladies - Isle of Wight Festival 2008

A bizarre message on the first banner of the Sunday at the 2008 'Isle of Wight Festival'.
"Clare & Anna Show Us Your Hooters!"

But what can it mean I wonder?

Anyway, 'Hooters' aside, we flew the 'Welovefestivals.com' banner too and I've loaded seventy aerial photographs of the festival from both days for you to see here on Flickr.com and a complete video will be up on YouTube in the next couple of days. Come back here to find the link or look for 'AiradsUK' on YouTube.

If you have any photos of your own of the aircraft in flight over the festival, please send them along to info@airads.eu

You can also find the story and photos on The Isle of Wight Beacon website here.

Pictured, me doing some planning at Bembridge and today's co-pilot Charles. I quite forgot to take a photo of Co-pilot Jason yesterday, so next time mate!

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