December 19, 2013

Lost Submarine

German U-Boat © Airads
It's been a fine day and as you can see from the first photo, I've been busy looking for the wreck of the recently exposed German U-Boat on the Hoo Peninsula, near Sheerness.

From the air, you can gain a much better idea of it's condition now the tidal surge has freed most of its structure from the mud. There's also a link to my Flickr gallery where you can find my other photos of the wreck.

What the submarine's story was is still to be revealed but if you know, perhaps you can share it here. It must have a a history and there must be records of its crew and actions in World War One.

Over at Manston I spotted the KLM flight returning to Amsterdam, as well as an RAF Tornado blazing through at low level. One had a bird-strike yesterday and I'm wondering if it was the same one returning home. It led me to speculate that at the present rate of attrition we will soon have more operational Spitfires in private hands than front-line fighters in the RAF.

KLM Flight Departing