February 28, 2009

New Boy

It looks as if Spring has most certainly arrived today. I had to go and collect a new addition to my small fleet over towards Brighton this afternoon (the one on the left) and the late afternoon views over Kent and Sussex were stunning.

An Airads Proposal on the BBC's Pat Marsh Show

Great excitement on Thursday with some unexpected coverage on the BBC Radio Kent's 'Pat Marsh Show'.

I was busy setting up a banner for a proposal over Bluebell Hill in Kent, where Max was to proposse to girlfriend, Emma. Anyway, the phone rang and it was the BBC asking if we did 'Romantic' messages?

"Funny you should ask", I replied because I'm doing just that in fifteen minutes. "Can we find out what happened and speak to the couple afterwards", asked the BBC?

And so off I went, flew the proposal and asked Max if he would like to be on the radio. The rest is romantic history as you can hear on the video clip of the BBC programme below.

February 22, 2009

Jade's Wedding Banner

We have been up and about over the big wedding in Hertfordshire this afternoon. I did shoot some video footage from above and you can see the BBC take here.

Everything went on time and according to plan and we seem to have featured on Sky News too, which is nice!

More photos here:

February 3, 2009

An Arresting Message

Airads will be working with Channel M Television and Greater Manchester Police this month to support a new public information campaign aimed at giving greater impact to a local policing message to the population of Manchester.

This isn't the first time by any means that Airads has worked with the Police Service, the last being with Kent Police and we are always delighted to lend our support to such campaigns as a really effective means of broadcastinbg information to the population over a very wide area in a short period of time.