July 24, 2005

Spelling it Out for EUjet

"Your'e not going up in this?", said another pilot this afternoon, as the rain lashed down on the aircraft next to us. "Got to", came the answer, "Bit like the Pony Express, EUjet want their banner over the War & Peace Show at exactly 16:30 and Airads have to be there."

At least we had the skies to ourselves on the way down to position for the banner and broke out of the rain and dense swirling clouds in time to find the grass runway exactly where it should be.

Fortunately, the skies were beginning to clear from the west as the forecast had predicted. EUjet had its banner on time.

July 18, 2005

Tolpuddle Martyrs Rally

Airads supports the TUC Community The Union For Life at the Tolpuddle Martyrs rally in Dorset. Held each year the rally bring upwards of 7000 people to the small village. Posted by Picasa

Romans of Berkshire

Airads was seen in the skies over Reading, Woking and Farnborough this weekend towing the banner, www.romans.co.uk to help promote the area's largest estate agent. Lookout for the banner again at the end of July Posted by Picasa

Me to You

"Me to you" on the final leg of Global Challenge. More pictures at www.airadsimages.com Posted by Picasa

Global Challenge, Welcome Home "Tatty Teddy"

Airads welcomes home the yacht "Me to you" from the round the world "Global Challenge". After a slow passage of the Solent on their final leg of an epic race, the Airads banner was was overhead to welcome the challengers across the finish line into Gun Wharf at the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour. www.metoyou.com for more infomation. Great pictures of Spinnaker Tower at www.airadsimages.com Posted by Picasa

Cryptic Clue

A message up at Tatenhill today. Lucky George gets some special treatment from partner Deb, with a little help from Airads on the way.

July 5, 2005

Weston Supermare or Alcatraz?

The old pier complex at Weston Supermare, once a busy mooring now lies in ruin, looking similar to the old prison island of Alcatraz. More pictures like these at airads images photo library www.airadsimages.com Posted by Picasa

Halifax Pilot Celebrates 80 Years

Airads brought a tear to the eyes of an ex-Halifax pilot over the weekend. The airads banner flew past wishing the veteran a happy 80th birthday, waving the aircraft wings in response to the arms waving back on the ground. The memories held by Norman over the last 80 years are nothing but incredible. Posted by Picasa

Oxted Carnival

Another busy weekend as Airads was asked to promote the Oxted Carnival on Saturday Held in Master Park. Posted by Picasa

Royal Navy Spell "Cheker"

Whilst Airads was towing between Cowes and Lee on Solent, a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter came up for a close look at the banner, just to check the spelling I guess, Posted by Picasa

Trafalgar 200

Trafalgar 200 saw over 160 participating ships from the navys of the world attend the ceremony held at Portsmouth and the Solent. Seen in the picture is the Endurance (white superstructure with red hull), taking the Queen on what must have been a very memorable Fleet Review. Airads was towing three separate banners on the day www.findaboat.co.uk www.marinesave.co.uk and www.revolutionsails.co.uk doing our best to get as close to the action as possible. Look out for the full feature story in the august edition of Pilot magazine. more pictures at Airads images photo library www.airadsimages.com Posted by Picasa

Alex Gold farewell to Glastonbury

Alex Gold logo being laid out at Compton Abbas Airfield, soon to be snatched off the ground by Airads and displayed as the crowds leave glastonbury. look out for the new album out 11 July "Alex Gold back from a break". see pictures of glastonbury and other music events at our photo library www.airadsimages.com Posted by Picasa