April 29, 2010

Liverpool v Atlético Madrid - Airads & Channel 5 TV

Liverpool, Anfield this evening for Channel 5 Television with their bespoke banner, showing their logo and earlier today, I was over Reading in Berkshire towing a banner for Acorn HIPS.

The weather has been steadily breaking down all day and I had to cut short the Reading flight after I found myself flying through a 'car wash.'

Airads has a busy Bank Holiday weekend ahead, starting with a two hour detail for UKIP around the western side of Birmingham and finishing with a marriage proposal from the Isle of Wight on Monday afternoon.

Strangely enough, we have two more Anfield flights booked for Sunday, one for a fan who wants to propose to his partner and the other for the official Liverpool fans at Midday. I'm hoping that the weather in Cheshire will be rather better than the awful forecast now confronting me for south-east England from Saturday night to Monday morning!

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