August 8, 2008

The Magic Number '8'

Too busy to post lately but finding time to draw breath, today was unusual with two ladies named 'Helen' being proposed to at different points across the country in the same hour by different aircraft!

If that isn't unusual enough then there's a third Helen coming-up in the next week, so another proposal surprise in store, which I hope will keep our 100% record.

Of course, 08/08/08 was a big day for weddings, as well as the Olympic Games and despite some rather nasty weather, we managed to achieve all of our flights on time. Tomorrow, Sunday, isn't looking so good, with a flight booked over the Climate Camp in Kent and a second banner over Ashford, with 40mph winds and rain forecast.

It's been a very difficult summer so far, with weather that has been more autumnal than August. with both Reading and Leeds festivals in a week, let's hope for a ray of sunshine before the summer disappears altogether.

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