July 17, 2008

Messerschmitt 108 at Sywell

We did rather wonder what the ME108 was doing parked next to our aircraft at Northampton's Sywell airfield last week, with TV cameras and a yellow WW II Harvard trainer in close support.

Now we know. The Times newspaper was running a story on the predecessor of the famous ME 109 but it's a pity the author can't spell 'Messerschmitt'.

Giles, the auther conveniently describes the sever cloudburst that prevented us towing a wedding banner just next door to the airfield:

"Now that we were airborne, pulling Gs seemed mercifully out of the question. A wall of black cloud was marching in from the West. We levelled out at 1200 feet and James muttered something into his headset. “What was that?” He’d been telling Air Traffic Control we were going straight back down."

You can find The Times ME108 video story here.

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