July 17, 2008

Is it Safe?

Google has arbitrarily decided that our website at http://www.airads.co.uk/ may be unsafe. It actually hasn't said why and has forced us on a circuitous route which involved uploading an HTML file which proves that we actually own the website rather than the Shanghai mafia.

The trouble is, that it will take some weeks I understand before the 'Googlebot' revisits and clears the offending tags and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it other thanassure visitors that http://www.airads.co.uk/ which is hosted by UK company ShopCreator, appears to be perfectly safe and owned and administered by us.

Here, in in conclusion is the result of a McAfee site scan of the main website: "We tested this site (airads.co.uk) and didn't find any significant problems."

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