August 15, 2006

Unseasonable August

The weather had the better of us this last weekend. I'm not sure what happened to August but the storms left a trail of destruction, which included my garden fence and sadly, the flight over the charity shield game at Cardiff. Very disappointing but the weather between us and Wales would have chewed-up a light aircraft and dropped it into Cardigan Bay.

By Sunday evening we had managed to re-schedule our local flights with partners around the country but the coming week still looks very unsettled with a second band of weather now making its way east.

This is one factor, the English summer weather, that clients should always take into account. We all know it's unpredictable and if you have a banner to fly at a certain time and date, we are bound by CAA regulations to ensure that the aircraft safety and the safety of the people watching on the ground below is paramount.

Up and coming this week, we have the Dawlish Air Festival and the start of a regular circuit of the M25, every other day for

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