January 28, 2007

B&Q Swindon has 200 Jobs - Tell Someone!

To Swindon town this Saturday for B&Q.

In fact the message was “B&Q 200 JOBS TELL SOMEONE”, celebrating the soon to be opening of a new B&Q megastore in the town.

We operated out of Kemble airfield – nice friendly people there and an easy, accommodating place to pick-up a banner from – and spent two hours sitting on top of Swindon, orbiting the town between the different shopping malls and the football ground, where it looked as if Swindon Town were playing at home.

The new B&Q is pretty close to being complete looking at it from above and as the message we were towing suggests, there are 200 jobs available for anyone who might be interested in working for the company.

Given that it’s January, we were pretty fortunate to get the job in at all over that distance. We’ve asked to do it for two more weekends, which may be asking a great deal of the British weather. Presently we are back at Manston again as our own private strip is completely waterlogged.

Next week, a job for Meridian News South-east for Valentine’s Day. I’ll tell you more later

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