February 18, 2007

Henley Surprise

Felt a little like the legendary pony express, trying to get through the bad weather for a "Happy Birthday" banner over Henley today.

It was down to 600 feet when we passed Biggin Hill on the way to set-up at Brimpton, just outside Aldermaston but fortunately, the cloud lifted enough for us to find the centre of Henley for a birthday surprise banner, organised by a lady for her partner over a restuarant in the town.

The way home left us in the cloud from Epsom all the way into the instrument approach at Manston, admirably handled by Suzy B. on her first flight with us. "It doesn't get much worse than this", I told her but at least the client has texted us with the message, "Thank U very much, fly back safe, love E.!

A good result amid a bad week of winter weather.

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