February 20, 2007

No Shortcuts Please

We've had three enquiries this month - maybe from the same source - from people asking us to supply a banner only and not an aircraft, so for clarification, let's walk through the implications for anyone who hasn't given it much thought.

Someone has a friend with an aircraft who has offered to tow a banner of any size for a large public event. The friendly pilot may not have the right equipment, certified by the CAA on the aircraft or perhaps they have inherited it. The pilot may never have attempted flying a banner before either but "Hey" it looks easy and he will give it a go even though the aircraft may not be carrying the required insurance.

Now, if we were to make-up and lend a simple letter banner to a non-operator, we don't know if the unknown pilot would either attach it properly to the aircraft or fly it correctly. The potential liability implications for us in providing the banner would be horrendous if it were to become detached.

Best then to hire the banner and the aircraft from the same source and preferably one of the small handful of professional operators in the UK that can offer trained and experienced pilots and insurance. Aviation is not forgiving of shortcuts where safety is involved and it is safety and professionalism that remain our two principal concerns in providing an ublemished record of service across the UK

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