August 31, 2010

A Bank Holiday Blow

The gales had the better of us this August Bank Holiday weekend but at least we managed to see the two marriage proposals flying; one being very much a 'touch and go' affair with a happy ending for both couples.

With winds gusting as high as 40 mph at times, the conditions were far in excess of what was needed to fly the larger sheet and display banners and its always best for clients to remember that we have safety and performance limits to follow.

One more consideration for clients is that once an aircraft is en-route with a banner, it's simply not possible to call and ask it to hold-off for another half an hour because of a delay on the ground. There is no air to ground communications with the pilot beyond the air traffic control unit he is working at the time and we can only work to the schedule we have been supplied with; being unable to accommodate last minute changes once airborne.

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