August 22, 2010

A Busy Day at 'V'

Three flights over two music festivals made for a busy day for Airads on Saturday, made more challenging by strong winds and low cloud.

Amazingly in quite adverse conditions, we managed to have all three banners flying but two flights had to be cut short because of the high winds which made handling the aircraft, towing full size banners, very awkward indeed.

You can see the Nandos giant banner in the photograph (1000 sq feet) and we also did a little 'ambush marketing' for as well as another giant banner promoting 'Here & Now' over the Henley 80's revival.

It's worth noting for clients that we will always do our best to fly if the conditions allow but if these are right on the edge  and we do fly, the overall results may not be as good as one might expect in perfect conditions.

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